Executive Senators

Each year, 4 senators are elected to serve on the GPSS Executive Committee. Executive Senators for the 2014-2015 year are:


ABP.jpgYasmeen Hussain (Biology)

Yasmeen is a fourth-year PhD student and GPSS Senator in the Biology Department. She comes to UW from the University of Utah, where she obtained a B.S. in Mathematics and Biology and minors in Music and Chemistry. As an undergraduate, Yasmeen was involved in community service, student government, and various jobs and extracurricular activities, and saw no reason to stop just because of grad school.  Yasmeen hopes to be a "voice of accountability" for the Senate, to improve efficiency and inclusion, and to continue the GPSS legacy of listening to and supporting graduate and professional students. In her free time, Yasmeen might be found hiking, biking, engaging in science education, reading, or growing/cooking/eating food.



Evan Firth (Oceanography and Astrobiology) 

Evan is a first year PhD student in Oceanography and Astrobiology. A native Californian with an adventurer’s soul, her research will take her to the far reaches of the Earth itself: The Arctic Circle. There, she will study organisms even more intrepid than herself– microbes that thrive within the sea-ice itself, withstanding temperatures far below the freezing point of water. Although she is a recent addition to the GPSS team, her passion for synergizing science and politics has catapulted her into the upper echelons of leadership. From this position of high responsibility, she strives to play a vital role in maintaining smooth and efficient operation within GPSS, as well as seeking ways to bring novel scientific and political interaction to the table. In her admittedly sparse spare time, she can be found enjoying late nights of gaming or socializing, exploring new music, or simply kicking back and reading.




Eddie Schwieterman (Astronomy and Astrobiology)

Eddie Schwieterman is a fifth-year graduate student and PhD candidate in Astronomy and Astrobiology. After receiving his undergraduate degrees in physics and astrophysics from the Florida Institute of Technology, Eddie came to the University of Washington to understand how we might characterize terrestrial exoplanets with future space-based telescopes in order to determine their habitability and search for remotely detectable biosignatures. Eddie has long been active in public outreach and student government with a particular interest in bringing a scientific perspective to public policy. He has served GPSS in various capacities in his four years at UW, including chairing the Finance and Budget Committee, serving on the Elections and Judiciary committees, and participating in numerous student actions. Eddie is looking forward to bringing his experience and passion to the GPSS Executive Committee for the 2014-2015 academic year.