Featured Alumni

Over the years, GPSS has been a key formative experience for today's leaders. Every quarter, we feature one of our alumni and learn more about their post-degree accomplishments. Congratulations to this quarter's featured alumni Marcus Riccelli on his successful bid for state legislature!

Marcus Riccelli served as GPSS Vice-President for the 2006-2007 academic year where he helped spearhead a lively lobbying effort in Olympia.  Marcus coordinated a statewide multi-campus push for childcare accessibility for student parents after it was identified as a significant barrier to degree completion. Six years after being profiled as a student lobbyist by the Seattle P-I, Marcus is returning to the State Capitol for the upcoming legislative session as a Representative for the Spokane area. In his first run for public office, Riccelli received nearly 63% of the vote in the general election. After graduating with a Master of Public Administration from the Evans School, Marcus served for three and a half years as U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell’s Eastern Washington Director. For the last two years he worked as Senior Policy Adviser for retiring Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown from Spokane. Riccelli feels his GPSS experience is one that helped prepare him to effectively serve the community he is so honored to represent.