GPSS Priorities Discussion


The GPSS Executive Committee drafted a list of recommended priorities for the year, which were discussed and expanded on at the October 3, 2012 Senate Meeting.

GPSS Executive Committee Recommended Priorities:

1.) Shared governance

  • Provost Advisory Committee for Students (PACS) - continue providing student input on budget and tuition decisions
  • Student Councils at Schools and Colleges within UW

2.) Increase affordability

  • Stabilize graduate tuition rates
  • Increase financial aid options for grad students
  • Capital Campaign for graduate fellowships

3.) Engage the graduate student community

  • Communication, Outreach, and Participation
  • Science and Policy events
  • Small community student events

4.) Support and improve student life

  • Advocate for student parent resources
  • Provide resources for students in disputes
  • Preserve Universal Student U-PASS

5.) Preserve federal research funding

6.) Strengthen GPSS

  • Empower internal committees
  • Provide more avenues for receiving and addressing student input
  • Build GPSS financial resources and integrity

Feedback from Oct 3rd Senate Meeting

The Senators generated many ideas about issues that GPSS should adopt as priorities for the 2012-2013 academic year. While not every idea was shared by every group, certain themes demonstrated that three main issues should be incorporated into the priorities identified by the executive committee:

  • Funding -  Funding for TA slots, federal research funding for RAs, and funding forwork study were all mentioned several times.
  • Mandatory Student Fees -  The increasing burden on students to pay for mandatory student fees was an issue raised by many groups.
  • Community Events -  Senators frequently mentioned the need for additional (and perhaps smaller) community events, potentially with a focus on events that focus on bringing people from the same college together.

While there were many issues raised that do not fit into these broad themes, many of these issues can be incorporated into the work that the GPSS committees take on and we will count of senators who are passionate about those issues to step up an serve on those those committees!

To see the full notes from the Senate Break-Out Groups, click here.