Graduate Program Review


The State of Washington’s Higher Education Coordinating Board mandates that all degree-offering academic units be reviewed on a regular basis.  Coinciding with these reviews, administered by the Graduate School, GPSS provides the primary source of graduate student feedback in the review process.  At the start of the academic year, Senators are chosen to be a part of the Graduate Program Review Committee. The purpose of the committee is to oversee the 10-year program reviews which take place in every program and department on campus.

For each review, the graduate students in the program in question are administered a brief survey requesting their feedback about their program.  The survey results are compiled into a data report and made available to two GPSS Senators assigned to each program review.  These two GPSS Senators conduct an in-house interview session with available graduate students and utilize the survey responses as a starting point for their focus groups.  The Senators take their results from the interview and survey data to compile a final GPSS program review report that is sent to the Academic Program Review Coordinators.