Graduate Program Review Committee

Functions of the Graduate Program Review Committee

The Graduate Program Review Committee ensures graduate student experiences are included in the academic program review process conducted by the Graduate SchoolCommittee members help administer a survey of graduate students enrolled in the program and participate in focus group discussions. The results of these activities are summarized and presented as reports to the Graduate School and Reviewing Committee and become part of the permanent departmental record. These reports also help the Reviewing Committee generate its final report that critically evaluates the program and sets the course for the future direction of the program.


At least once per quarter during the academic year.


GPSS President, GPSS Special Assistant to the President and six or more Senators. 

Committee Members, 2014-2015:


Contact Information

To apply for this committee, fill out the application and email it to the special assistant to the president.

Special Assistant to the President:

Program Reviews

Program Reviews 2014-2015: