Graduate Student Funding and Student Debt

At today's Board of Regents meeting, there were many issues discussed that impact graduate and professional students but I wanted to mention two:

1) Dean Baldasty (the Dean of UW's Graduate School) reported on the state of graduate student funding and student debt. It was encouraging to hear the Regents and the University Administration voice a commitment to make graduate student funding, especially fellowships, a priority in the upcoming multi-year fundraising campaign. While tuition may be difficult to control given the state's financial situation, I tried to raise awareness of the rising cost of living. Something that can and should be addressed during the next capital campaign.

2) The UW's webpage now hosts an online version of the Annual Report to Stakeholders. While that might not sound very interesting at first, its actually a great piece of propoganda way to learn more about UW. Honestly though, I think it has some fascinating information. Interested in UW's impact on our environment? Learn more about how much energy and water we use. Or how much greenhouse gasses we emmit. Not a tree hugger? Dig into UW's financials to learn more about where its funding comes from and where it spends that money. I mean who doesn't want to geek out on UW's Moody's credit rating or critique its expendable financial resources to operations ratio? Failed out of Math 125 as a freshman? Feel better about yourself, work with smaller numbers, and check out how awesome UW is compared to other schools according to various ranking systems

Still not entertained? Watch with great wonderment as Carl Sagan explains the 4th spatial dimension!