Judicial Committee

Functions of the Judicial Committee

The Judicial Committee is the standing investigative body of the GPSS.  It investigates any grievance that arises concerning an interpretation of the GPSS Constitution or Bylaws or concerning any procedure, committee, officer, officer candidate, or Senator of the GPSS.  The Judicial Committee has the right to review any proposed Bylaw changes before they are presented to the GPSS.


At least once per quarter, or more depending on work load.


The Secretary (non-voting) and up to six Senators. Members of the Judicial Committee cannot sit on any other internal GPSS committees. Members cannot run for GPSS office and must resign from their committee position at least 35 days prior to the officer election if they choose to run.

Committee Members, 2015-2016:


Contact Information

To apply for this committee, fill out the application and email it to the committee chair.

Elloise Kim, 2015-2016 GPSS Secretary: gpsssec@uw.edu