Medical Students for Choice

Choice Abortion, Morality & Heroism of Providers Event

Funded: $650


I can tell you that this was a great event! It was attended by about 75 people and we had a panel that discussed their past experience with being abortion providers/advocates as well as the current status of abortion provisions available nationally.  The event was helpful as it brought together clinicians and advocates to discuss how abortion is contextualized in today's society. We had a thoughtful Q & A session that allowed UW undergrads, grad students and the general population to engage with the panel members. The support from GPSS allowed us to fly in a national voice in the conversation about abortion rights. She provided a unique point of view and enlivened the audience with anecdotes from her experiences being an advocate across the country. It was helpful to hear more about what is going on outside our Seattle bubble.


-Annie Gayman