Science and Policy

The University of Washington received more research funds from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) than any other public institution in 2012, and ranked second among all institutions nationwide, according to new figures released by the NIH. It is our responsibility as senators and graduate students to not only understand the cascade of research funding from the NIH at the UW, but to support and showcase science and policy that takes place on campus to increase the monies allocated towards effective science and research.

Our Mission: To enhance the discourse between scientists and policy makers through advocacy, community-building and student empowerment.


1. To assist scientists in developing their skills in communication across disciplines and to the general public.

2.  To promote public awareness of science research at the UW, and provide opportunities to develop partnerships in the community

3.  Create opportunities and events for students to advocate for their field, their research and graduate students.

Upcoming Events:

Science & Policy Workshops

4th Annual Science & Policy Summit

Previous Events:

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