Science & Policy Steering Committee


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Functions of the Science & Policy Steering Committee

  • Enhance the discourse between scientists and policy makers through advocacy, community building, and student empowerment
  • Assist student scientists in developing their skills in communication across disciplines and to the general public
  • Promote public awareness of science research at the UW, and provide opportunities to develop partnerships in the community
  • Create opportunities and organize events in collaboration with the Communications and Outreach Committee that enable students to advocate for their field of study, their research, and other graduate students
  • Select one member to serve as a representative on the Committee Coordinating Board


at least once per month during fall, winter, and spring quarters, and more as necessary

Time & Location: Fridays at 10am, HUB 314
Dates: October 24


Treasurer, Chair, Senators, students.

Committee Members, 2014-2015:

Douglass Taber (GPSS Treasurer)

Kelly Fleming (Committee Chair) -

Henry Olson

Brandon Frenz

Adam Campbell

Brandon Ray


Contact Information

To apply for this committee, fill out the application and email it to the committee chair.

Douglass Taber, GPSS Treasurer: