Senate Roster

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If you do not see your department listed below, there are currently no senators appointed for that department.

NOTE: The roster will continue to be updated as senators are appointed or step down from their position this academic year.  Please contact Elloise Kim, GPSS Secretary at if you have questions.  Senators must be appointed by their department, and confirmed by their graduate program adviser (or equivalent), per the bylaws, to be added to the roster.

Article III: Duties of Senators

Section A.  Senators shall regularly attend Senate meetings.  If they cannot attend in person they may assign a proxy as defined in Article IV, Section F of the bylaws, or give advance written notice of their planned absence to the Secretary.  Senators must attend at least two meetings per quarter, one of which may be attended by a proxy.  Any Senator failing to fulfill this obligation will be terminated from GPSS membership.  Any exceptions to this meeting attendance requirement must be approved by the Secretary.

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Senator Handbook

Tips on How To Be A Good Senator

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2014-2015 Senate Attendance

View the 2015-2016 Senator Attendance Roster in PDF format.