Student Insurance Review Committee


The Student Insurance Review Committee is comprised of departmental representatives within the University community who serve the needs of the student body including, but not limited to, Hall Health, Rubenstein Pharmacy and Risk Management. Student representatives from ASUW, GPSS and FIUTS (representing the international student body) are invited to join the committee as voting members for the student body. The University broker of record attends meetings as non-voting members to counsel the committee on health care law, contract specifics and actuarial informatics.

The committee meets weekly from October to January to review, update and design the SHIP plan for the upcoming academic year. Service on this committee allows student representatives to participate in policy creation to provide health insurance options for the University student body. Commitment to serve is on a yearly basis and requires HIPAA training.

Application for service on the committee may be obtained through ASUW, GPSS and FIUTS. Additional information may be obtained from the Student Insurance Office at 206-543-6202.

Weekly from October to January
Member 1: 
Ben Landsman
Member 2: 
Mengfei Shao