Student Life Committee

Functions of the Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee (SLC) works to ensure that University policies related to student life broadly, such as technology, transportation, and health, are in line with GPSS priorities. The SLC also oversees and monitors student fees and other student services.   

Join Us!  If you'd like to join the SLC or would like more information, please contact Treasurer Kerstin Hudon:

The SLC:

  • Pursues GPSS policy proposals and positions through relevant external committees, work groups, and councils as determined by the UAC or the Executive Committee
  • Crafts policy proposals and positions regarding student life issues including but not limited to technology, health insurance, athletics, student fees, and transportation
  • Acts as the principle standing committee for student fee-related issues such as the Technology and Services and Activity fees
  • Acts as the principle standing committee for issues related to student parent and childcare issues
  • Acts as the principle standing committee for issues related to athletics
  • Monitors and coordinates the efforts of GPSS appointees on relevant external committees
  • Solicits volunteers for University committees and councils 


Minimum of twice per quarter, depending on work load.

Time & Location:


The Treasurer, between five and nine graduate and professional students, and a chair elected by the members of the committee.

Committee Members, 2015-2016:

Contact Information

To apply for this committee, fill out the application and email it to the committee chair.

GPSS Treasurer Kerstin Hudon: