University Budgeting and Tuition

Budget decisions have a big impact on graduate and professional students and can involve:

  • Eliminating degrees or academic programs
  • Raising tuition or course fees
  • Moving degrees into "fee-based" programs (which includes major tuition increases)
  • Consolidating departments or schools
  • Reducing T.A.positions

GPSS has consistently advocated for a stronger student voice in University budget decisions. 

Tuition Proposals for 2012-2013

Curious what's being proposed for your tuition next year?  Deans have submitted proposed 2012-13 tuition rates to the University Provost.

Student Voice on Budget Decisions

Provost Advisory Committee for Students
Formally assembled in the Spring of 2011, the Provost Advisory Committee for Students (PACS) is a student led committee charged with providing the Provost input and advice on matters including but not limited to annual budgets, tuition levels, long-range planning, admissions and financial aid. Student Governments from the Seattle, Tacoma and Bothell campuses are represented on this committee of 14 students. PACS creates budgeting principles and recommendations for the Provost’s consideration during the annual budget drafting process. While non-binding these recommendations will hopefully help guide the Provost as tuition levels are set and as resources are allocated for the coming fiscal year.

PACS Website:

6/5/12:  Seattle Times article:  UW students facing 16% tuition hike look for cuts but find little fat

6/4/12:  PACS FY13 Recommendations:  Tuition and Provost's Reinvestment Priorities

3/1/12:  PACS 2011-12 Budget Principles and Recommendations 

College-Level Student Planning and Budgeting Councils

GPSS and ASUW are advocating for the creation of student Planning and Budgeting Councils at colleges and schools throughout the University, to provide students with a voice in local budget decisions.  Stay tuned for more information.