WA Senate Budget Falls Short for Higher Ed

4/4/13 Action Alert:  WA Senate Releases Budget, Squeezes Higher Education – Take Action TODAY

Yesterday the Washington State Senate released its budget proposal for the next two years.  It provides very little new funding for higher education while instituting a 20% tuition surcharge on international students, to be deposited in the state’s General Fund.  Without restoring cuts to higher education, UW will not be able to adequately invest in academic programs and retention of top-quality faculty and staff, who have endured four years of a pay freeze.  The budget also suspends financial aid programs for health professionals and future teachers.


The Senate will likely be voting today or tomorrow on its budget, and the House will follow with a budget proposal next week.  Please email your legislators TODAY and tell them:

  • The Senate budget does not adequately fund higher education; more funding is needed to invest in academic programs, students, and retaining faculty and staff.
  • The budget should not be balanced on the backs of international students, who are a valuable part of the university community.
  • Instead, the legislature should end the Research and Development tax credit and dedicate the revenue to higher education, a better engine for job growth.
  • The legislature should restore funding for the Health Professionals and Future Teachers Loan Repayment programs.


TAKE ACTION:  Send your email through the Washington Student Association website (add your own wording into the message box).  Prefer to send a more personalized message?  You can look up your legislators and their contact info here.  Questions? Contact Melanie: gpssvp@uw.edu