Environmental Health and Safety Advisory Board

The Environmental Health and Safety Presidential Advisory Board is chartered to advise the
Provost in all matters involving issues of health and safety at the University of Washington.
The Board seeks to receive and evaluate reports from all departments relevant to University
health and safety, evaluate the results of internal and external audits and inspections, and
make considered recommendations to the Provost regarding possible improvements to
policies, procedures, and practices that could reduce injury, illness, and death in the University
community. The Board is chaired by Dean Howard Frumkin and consists of 18 members
representing the whole of the University community. Dean Frumkin and GPSS would prefer
the GPSS representative to the EH&S Board to be from a department with active laboratory
research, as the Board has a focus on lab safety.

Members: 8-12

Meetings: 1 hour every 2 months