Graduate Program Assistant of the Year Award

The 2015 winner of the Graduate Program Assistant of the Year Award is Marie Potter, GPA for the Information School!

The Graduate Program Assistant of the Year Award is presented to the Graduate Program Assistant (GPA) that has been the most invaluable to graduate students in their department.  GPAs are responsible for many of the day to day tasks that must be taken care of in order for graduate students to be able to complete their degree, from paperwork to advising and everything in between. 

This award is intended to recognize a GPA who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping graduate students to navigate many of the pitfalls of their graduate education.  The GPSS Secretary solicits nominations for the GPA of the Year Award by email in April.  Nominations of no more than 250 words can be made by any graduate or professional students of the department and will be voted on by the GPSS Executive Committee in May.

The following will be considered in the selection of the award recipient:

  • Availability and quality of advising services
  • GPA-student relations in the department
  • Promptness in facilitating the administrative needs of the student (examples include taking care of problems with tuition waivers or payroll, helping to complete applications to form committees and schedule exams, etc.)
  • Student involvement in the Graduate and Professional Student Senate and University Committees

List of Past Award Winners:

  • 2014: Yuko Mera, Comparative Literature
  • 2013: Betsy Mau, School of Nursing & Peggy McCune, Immunology
  • 2012: Jeanny Mai, Psychology
  • 2011: Susanne Recordon, Political Science.
  • 2010: Yuko Mera, Comparative Literature
  • 2009: Catherine Zeigler, Anthropology
  • 2008: Frankye Jones, Electrical Engineering
  • 2007: Brenda Banks, Music