Departmental Allocations


Applications for 2015-2016 are now open!


What are Departmental Allocations?

Departmental Allocations are funds reserved for events or items that benefit students in a given department. The useful life of any item purchased should be greater than one year. Departmental Allocations have typically been used to fund items like microwave ovens, magazine subscriptions, refrigerators, digital cameras, and departmental community building events.


Who Can Apply For Departmental Allocations?

Only GPSS Senators at the UW Seattle campus may apply for departmental allocations. Funding is open to both departments and programs that have Senate representation.


How are funds awarded?

The Senators representing a given department will submit an application form to the GPSS staff. An interview will be arranged between the Finance and Budget Committee and application authors. The committee has an opportunity to ask the authors questions, debate the application and vote on whether and how much funding to award.


How to Apply

  • Poll your constituents about items for the department through a combination of the following means:

    • Vote of a representative departmental government

    • Student survey via Catalyst

    • Student-wide vote

    • Direct student solicitation

  • Review the funding policies outlined below

  • Download and fill out the Departmental Request Application Form

  • Print the application and ask your department budget coordinator to sign it

  • When filling out the application form, please ensure that the following are provided:

    • Taxes and shipping costs if any are included in the funding amount

    • The budget number to which funds need to be transferred (the budget number can be obtained from the departmental budget coordinator)

    • The email address and signature of your departmental Senator(s)

    • The email address and signature of your departmental budget coordinator

    • Provide some supporting documentation to substantiate the amount of funds requested, such as a cost estimate from a vendor or a price quotation from a website

  • Submit the printed application form and all supporting documents to the GPSS office at HUB 314, or through campus mail at Box 352238, or email the application to GPSS Budget Specialist at

  • Attend the GPSS Finance & Budget (F&B) Committee meeting as advised by the GPSS Treasurer or Budget Specialist

Funding Policies and Guidelines

This document contains information the funding policies and guidelines for departments. It also details the funding caps for both capital requests and retreat requests.


Completing the Transfer

Once funding is approved by the Finance & Budget Committee, the GPSS Treasurer will work with your department's budget coordinator to make the money available for the purchase.  Different departments often handle this process differently, either making the purchase on your behalf or reimbursing you after the fact. GPSS will work with you to make this process as smooth as possible.

Notice of Revocation

Failure to follow any of the above guidelines may result in the denail of funding or the revocation of funding after approval


Questions About the Process?

Please contact the GPSS Treasurer Kerstin Hudon at