Special Allocations


We are now accepting applications for 2015-2016.


What are Special Allocations?

Special Allocations are funds reserved for Registered Student Organizations (RSO) to supplement their programming and events. Funds should be used to benefit a cross-section of graduate and professional students and have typically been awarded to offset the cost of honoraria, advertising, and facility rentals.


Who Can Apply?

Registered Student Organizations (RSO) at the UW Seattle campus are eligible for Special Allocation funding.


How are funds awarded?

RSOs coordinate with their Student Activities Office (SAO) adviser to prepare an application describing their event and the proposed use of the funds. RSOs then submit the application to the GPSS and/or ASUW. The GPSS staff receives the application and arranges an interview between the Finance and Budget Committee and application authors. The committee has an opportunity to ask the authors questions, debate the application and vote on whether and how much funding to award.


How to Apply

  1. Login into RSO Community [uws-community.symplicity.com]

  2. Click on the “Student Groups” tab, click on the RSO name you are requesting funding for.

  3. Download and complete the Special Allocations Application located under the “Documents” tab.

  4. Under the “Budget” tab, click on the “Budget Request” tab. (NOTE: You must be one of the listed RSO Officers in order to view the “Budget” Tab. If you are not one of the listed Officers you will need to have them log into RSO Community to submit the request.)

  5. Select “Submit New Budget Request,” fill out the form, click on “Add Document” and upload completed funding request form, click on “Add Line Item” and enter the appropriate type/name/amount.

  6. When you are done, click on “Save.”

  7. Make an appointment with your SAO Adviser to have your funding request reviewed.

  8. You will then receive an email from the Budget Specialist on when to meet with the Fiancne & Budget Committee.

***Please use this template to build your RSO's budget. It is available on the simplicity site as well.***

If you have any questions please contact GPSS Treasurer Kerstin Hudon at gpsstres@uw.edu.


Funding Policies 2015-2016

This document details the rules for funding and advertising as well as what GPSS looks for in an application. 

It also explains the two ways in which RSOs can request funding - a one-time per year allocation of up to $750 or an allocation of up to $400 that can be requested each quarter (with no guarantee that any RSO will be funded each quarter).


Notice of Revocation

Failure to follow any of the above guidelines may result in the denial of funding or the revocation of funding after approval.


Completing the Transfer

Once funding is approved by the Finance & Budget Committee, the GPSS Treasurer will work with your RSO advisor to make the money available for purchase.


Resource Center

The Resource Center for Student Organizations provides valuable support to all Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) at the University of Washington.  The Resource Center is located in the Husky Union Building.  The Resource Center provides free access to Macs and Windows PCs with supporting software as well as a digital copier, fax machine, electric typewriter, and paper folding machine.  Student organizations can make a maximum of 4,000 free copies annually at the Resource Center.  RSOs that reach the copy limit can appeal to the Resource Center, and the appeal process usually takes one week.  Each color copy is the equivalent of twenty-five black and white copies.

The Resource Center also provides other materials and resources including desks and work areas, paints, paintbrushes, poster paper, staplers, tape, glue, telephones, and informal meeting space.  There are also several resources that can be checked out at the Resource Center including a video projector, digital camera, electric bullhorn, laptop computer, overhead projector, projector screen, banner materials, canopies, tables, television, VCR/DVD player, and whiteboard with stand, markers, and erasers.


Questions About the Process?

Please contact the GPSS Treasurer Kerstin Hudon at gpsstres@uw.edu.