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Legal Rights and Responsibilities

It is your student's responsibility to inform you of their disabilities and to work with Disability Resources for Students to arrange for proper accommodation. It is your legal responsibility to accommodate your student as outlined by Disability Resources for Students.

What you can expect from your student

Students with disabilities in your classroom are expected to contact Disability Resources for Students (DRS) to develop a plan for meeting their needs. They are responsible for letting you know that they have a disability and for requesting accommodations in a timely manner. Students should have a letter from the Director of DRS verifying their disability and outlining the accommodations that have been approved based upon the impact of the disability.

What you can expect from Disability Resources for Students

Disability Resources for Students (DRS) is charged with ensuring that the needs of disabled students are met, and accommodated reasonably and appropriately. They are responsible for:

  • determining whether academic accommodations are necessary for a particular student and the nature of the accommodations;
  • implementing requested accommodations, with the professor's assistance when necessary, and, upon a student's request, assisting the student in working out accommodation needs with his/her professor;
  • assisting professors in working with students with disabilities including determining appropriate reasonable accommodations for a particular course; and
  • educating faculty and students with disabilities regarding the protections provided to individuals with disabilities in accordance with State and Federal disability laws.

What is expected from you

If a student with a disability requests an accommodation, you are legally required to provide accommodations outlined in the letter composed by the Director of DRS. You may contact DRS to discuss alternative plans or other options if you believe the accommodations outlined in the DRS letter would fundamentally alter the essential functions or technical requirements of the class. Additionally, you may wish to recommend or consult about an accommodation that is not addressed in the DRS letter.

Any questions or concerns you may have regarding a student with a disability's requested accommodation(s) should be discussed with DRS. You should never deny a requested accommodation without first consulting with DRS and determining how to proceed in meeting the student's needs in light of your concerns.

If you are concerned that negative feelings towards a situation with a student with a disability may be effecting your grading, please discuss the matter with a colleague to assure you are being fair, keeping the identity of the student confidential. It is illegal to retaliate against a student with a disability because they have received reasonable academic accommodation based upon the effects of the disability.