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Quarterly Timelines

Following are the general guidelines used to determine specific processing dates reported on the UW Academic Calendar.

Grade Submission
Due: by 5:00 PM on the 1st Tuesday following finals
If it is not possible to meet the submission deadline, contact Graduation and Academic Records (; 206-543-1803).

Initial Transcript Processing
When: 1st Wednesday after finals
Students can access their grades on MyUW the Wednesday after finals. Students whose instructors have not turned in their grades on time will see an X.

1st Grade Processing (department grade reports, athletes' grade reports, Graduate Non-matriculated grade reports)
When: 1st Tuesday after finals
Low scholarship cancellation occurs about a week after this date. Honors students are determined during the first week of the following quarter. Students missing grades at this point could suffer by being unnecessarily targeted for cancellation due to low scholarship or being passed over the recognition due to them for academic excellence. Also, prerequisite cancellation will not occur for a grade below the minimum if it is not submitted in time.

2nd Grade Processing
When: 2nd or 3rd day of the following quarter
Students' registration is cancelled if their scholarship is determined to be too low. (Low scholarship cancellation is effective one week after the 1st grade processing.) Students whose instructors have not submitted grades which might help them establish adequate scholarship are harmed here.

Final Grade Processing
When: 3rd Wednesday after finals
Students eligible for academic honors, such as the dean's list, are sent a congratulatory letter from the dean. The local newspaper of their hometown is sent a press release.