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Training Module: Accurately Weighing and Measuring: Equipment

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7. Application of principles

7.4 Self-test: Child with Prader-Willi syndrome

EM is a 6 year, 10 month old girl with Prader-Willi syndrome. Her weight- and stature-for age are shown in the following CDC growth charts:


Which of the following methods is most appropriate to assess EM's weight gain pattern?
a. weight-for-length
b. BMI-for-age
c. sitting height
d. triceps skinfold


EM weighs 29.5 kg and is 110.5 cm tall. What is Em's BMI? To use one of the tools to calculate BMI on the CDC website, click here.
a. 26.7
b. 26.3
c. 24.2
d. 21.9


When plotted on the BMI-for-age chart, BMI-for-age is greater than the 95th percentile, indicating that EM is overweight.

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