Maternal and Child Health Bureau Growth Charts Training

Tech Requirements



Technical Requirements

This page automatically checks your computer to see whether it is capable of running all of the features of the training modules.


Your Browser

Netscape Navigator 4 or higher;
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4
or higher.
A screen resolution of 800 x 600 or higher is recommended for most users.
JavaScript must be turned on.
The modules use streamed audio, video and animations. Clicking the button on the right will play a test RealAudio file to see if you have a compatable player installed. If you receive an error message, please click here to download the latest free RealPlayer Basic. If the test appears to play but you still hear nothing, please check your computer's speaker volume and your system playback settings.
The Flash plug-in is optional, but provides additional interactivity. If the report indicates "Flash: false" or "Flash: 0" or your Flash plug-in version is lower than 4, please click here to download the latest version of the Flash plug-in.

Please report technical problems to:



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