Graduate Student Symposium Updates

We are a group of graduate students in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Washington. We are organizing and facilitating a symposium focused on international collaborations in chemistry, to be presented at the 248th ACS National Meeting in August 2014 in San Francisco, CA.

Our symposium will take place on Tuesday, August 12th, in the Esplanade Ballroom 304 in the south building of the Moscone Center. The morning session will be from 8:30 to 11:30 am, and the afternoon session will be from 1:30 to 4:45 pm. See the schedule for more details.

July 2014: We're finalizing the details of our symposium and counting down the days until ACS. Hope to see you there!

June 2014: The technical program for the 248th ACS National Meeting is now live! You can find our schedule and our speakers' abstracts here. The preliminary program and meeting information are included in this week's Chemical & Engineering News, and the full technical program is also available.

June 2014: Congratulations to the Fall 2015 GSSPC, from the University of Minnesota!

May 2014: Applications for the Fall 2015 GSSPC are closed (as of midnight PDT on May 23rd). Thanks to everyone who submitted an application! We'll notify all applicants of our selection by Friday, June 13th.

April 2014: The search for the Fall 2015 GSSPC has officially started. All chemistry graduate students are invited to check out our flyer for more details and apply by May 23rd!

March 2014: Good luck to the Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee from the University of Texas at Austin with their symposium at the spring ACS meeting in Dallas!

March 2014: Thanks to the University of Washington Clean Energy Institute, the ACS Division of Colloid & Surface Chemistry, United Technologies Research Center, the University of Washington Graduate School, the ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry, and Professor King K. Holmes for sponsoring our symposium!

March 2014: Dr. Eric Amis is confirmed as our eighth and final speaker.

February 2014: Applications for the Fall 2015 Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee are now open. Send us your application by May 23rd if you're interested in planning a symposium for the Fall 2015 ACS meeting in Boston!

January 2014: Thanks to the ACS Graduate & Postdoctoral Scholars Office, the ACS Division of Chemical Education, and the ACS Division of Physical Chemistry for sponsoring our symposium!

November 2013: We've confirmed four more speakers, including Dr. Pratim Biswas, Dr. Robert Chang, Dr. Vicki Grassian, and Dr. Robert Sievers.

October 2013: Thanks to the ACS Puget Sound Local Section for sponsoring our symposium!

October 2013: Our first three confirmed speakers are Dr. Pradipsinh Rathod, Dr. Young-Kee Kim, and Dr. Sally Benson.

September 2013: Thanks to the ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry, the ACS Division of Energy & Fuels, and the ACS Division of Environmental Chemistry for sponsoring our symposium!

September 2013: Several of our members attended the ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis and the Graduate Student Symposium presented by the University of Cincinnati.

August 2013: The University of Washington Department of Chemistry becomes our first sponsor!

August 2013: The Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee at the University of Washington officially forms and starts working on our symposium, which is entitled "International Collaborations with International Impact: Chemistry for Global Change."