Adolescent Health Working Group

The Adolescent Health Working Group promotes cutting edge, collaborative research in adolescent health from global and local perspectives.

Fall Quarter 2017 coming soon

Kristin Beima-Sofie, PhD
Research Scientist
Global Health

Brandon Guthrie, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Global Health, Epidemiology

Grace John-Stewart, MD, PhD, MPH
Global Health, Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology, Pediatrics

Pamela Kohler, PhD, MPH, RN
Assistant Professor
Global Health, Psychosocial and Community Health

Anjuli Wagner, PhD
Post-Doctorate Fellow

Kate S. Wilson, PhD
Post-Doctorate Fellow

Details to come

Family Planning Symposium

In November of 2016, the Working Group launched its aims with a symposium on Adolescent Health. The event brought together a community of adolescent health experts, global health workers, and local public health professionals to learn and examine the unique health needs of adolescents and opportunities for action.



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