Global WACh Lectures

Global WACh is proud to host scholars and researchers for lectures on topics related to WACh health.

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“Virtual reality technology to improve newborn health delivery in low and middle income countries ” | Rachel Umoren, MB.ChB, MS | Breakfast with WACh 2/21/19

“Interpretable Machine Learning with the CHAIN Network Data” | Sergey Feldman, PhD | Breakfast with WACh 12/4/18

“Allies in Maternal and Child Health: Strengthening Services through Maternal Immunizations” | Ajoke Sobanjo-ter Meulen, MD, M.Ed, MSc and Jerker Liljestrand, MD | 7/9/18

“Enteric Infections in Children from Low-Income Settings – Insights from the Application of Quantitative Molecular Diagnostics” | James Platts-Mills, MD | 5/25/18

“Violence Against Women in the Context of SRHR: Understanding the Evidence” | Avni Amin, PhD | 2/14/2018

Global WACh Welcomes Dr. Barbara Goff, MD | Breakfast with WACh 2/5/2018

“ORS and Zinc Supplementation Coverage for Pediatric Diarrheal Disease” | Dr. Laura Lamberti  | Breakfast with WACh 1/5/2017


Lamberti Slide Deck

“NIFTY: Neonatal Intuitive Feeding Technology” | Christy McKinney, PhD, MPH | Breakfast with WACh 1/7/2016

“The Future of Food: From Childhood Malnutirtion in Malawi to Good Nutrition for all in the 21st Century” | Mark Manary, MD | Breakfast with WACh 3/9/2016

“Finding the Walgreens and CVS in Congregation-based Health Interventions: Evidence from the Baby Shower Trial” | Dr. Echezona Ezeanolue | 8/19/2016

“The Zika Epidemic: An Unprecedented Health Threat for Pregnant Women” | Breakfast with WACh with Drs. Kristina Adams Waldorf and Ghayda Mirzaa | 10/11/2016

“Global Mapping of Infectious Diseases” | Simon Hay, BSc, DPhil, DSc | Breakfast with WACh 11/12/2015

“Evidence Based Planning for MNCH” | Assaye Kassie Nigussie, MD | Breakfast with WACh 12/8/2015

“Adolescent and Sexual Reproductive Health” | Dr. V. Chandra-Mouli | 3/20/2015