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Dear Team Leader (2003-251):

Again, congratulations to you and your team for being selected to participate in the NASA Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities
Program. I am pleased that the Review Committee decision was in your team's favor.

Reviewer comments concerning your team's proposal are listed below. Reviewer notes include "Points to Consider" in strengthening or modifying your experiment; and notes regarding "Conditions for Flight" that were found to be either lacking in the proposal or incomplete.

Please note that although the "points to consider" are optional suggestions to be used at the discretion of the team, the items listed under "conditions for flight" MUST be addressed as a condition of your team's participation.


The reviewers felt the following would have strengthened the proposal:

  • The proposal does not address the reasons why the proposal objectives were not met last year. Have the impediments to success been eliminated?


  • Ensure quality of workmanship.
  • Detail hazard analysis.
  • Coordinate early with JSC pressure systems.
  • The outreach plan needs to be reworked and resubmitted and is due
    at the same time as the TEDP.

I will be following up with additional details designed to help your team in
making preparations for program participation. Please contact me with any
questions or concerns.


Barb Ebadat

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