This page contains links to image galleries and pictures related to the GYRE project.

GYRE Flies (2006) -- Team GYRE and the robot prepare and fly on the weightless wonder.

GYRE Flies -- Team GYRE and the robot fly on the weightless wonder.

Testing at NASA -- The GYRE team and the GYRE robot undergo testing at NASA's Johnson Space Center to make sure that they're ready to fly.

Geneva Elementary School Visit -- The GYRE team visits the Geneva Middle School in Bellingham, WA, to talk about the GYRE robot.

Building the GYRE robot -- Matthew, David, and Lee assemble the frame and work on the nozzles.

More Robot Work -- Lee, David,and Matthew continue to assemble the robot.

Even More Robot Work -- David, Matthew, and Lee finish plumbing the robot.

Pacific Science Center Visit -- A visit to the Pacific Science Center in spring 2002.

Yet Even More Robot Work -- David and Lee continue work on the robot.

Robot Measurements -- Measurements of the robot and portions of the frame.


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