Mike Schwartz

I got my Undergraduate Degree at University of Rochester and PhD at Michigan State University. My predoctoral work with Dr. Laura Smale at Michigan State University focused on the circadian system of the diurnal Nile grass rat. My postdoctoral research in the lab studies how different neurons within the suprachiasmatic nucleus communicate with each other. Using transgenic rats in which the firefly luciferase enzyme is expressed rhythmically in phase with the molecular clock, I can study the mechanisms underlying synchronization between different subregions of the nucleus. By understanding how circadian oscillators become coupled, it may be possible to ameliorate or eliminate the deleterious symptoms seen in air travelers or shift workers. ------ Michael D. Schwartz, Ph.D | Post-Doctoral Fellow | Department of Pharmacology & Experimental | Therapeutics | University of Maryland, School of Medicine | 655 West Baltimore St, BRB Rm 4-027 | Baltimore, MD 21201