Erica Tartaglione

I am a junior pursuing a B.S. in Biology (Physiology) and an Italian Studies minor. I have been involved with research since the beginning of my sophomore year, when I started in Dr. Gerold Schubigerís laboratory studying cell regeneration in Drosophila. I then moved on to an evolutionary ecology project involving Daphnia in Dr. Benjamin Kerrís laboratory as a Howard Hughes Integrative Research Intern. In winter 2008, I joined the de la Iglesia laboratory. As a Mary Gates Endowment Research Scholar, I am currently working on a project to understand if restricting food access can reset the biological clocks of zebrafish. I am measuring clock gene expression in both liver and brain tissue samples. My scientific interests include physiology, genetics, stem cells and biological applications in medicine. I hope to pursue my graduate studies in the biomedical sciences.