Information for Social Workers

Welcome DCFS Social Workers!


DCFS Social Workers send a completed FCAP referral packet to their local FCAP evaluator including:

  1. FCAP Referral Form (DOC)
  2. FCAP Release of Information (PDF) (Fill out & print)
    • DCFS Social Worker should sign FCAP release for all cases.
    • Parent(s) must sign DCFS release(s) prior to start of Reunification Assessments. (PDF)
    • Youth must sign FCAP release, if age 13 or over.
  3. Current court report

For information on who can be referred, click here.
For Frequently Asked Questions, click here.
For the DCFS Liaison in your area, click here.

For more information about the program, contact your local FCAP evaluator or contact the statewide FCAP Program Coordinator, Jocelyn Savage 206-744-1685.