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Counselors are available to help individuals and families who are affected by child abuse and neglect, crime, exposure to domestic and community violence, accidents, disasters and other traumatic events. Counseling services are based on the best available evidence for effectiveness and are tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals and families.

Services for individuals and families include:

  1.       Telephone consultation.
  2.       Crisis response.
  3.       Advocacy with systems [CPS, criminal justice system, medical care providers, school].
  4.       Trauma-focused therapy.
  5.       Parent behavior management.
  6.       Treatment for families with child abuse or bonding problems.
  7.       Evaluation and treatment of sexual behavior problems [children < 12 only]
  8.       Sexual abuse evaluations.
Services for professionals include:
  1.       Consultation.
  2.       Response to workplace and community violence.  

            Telephone consultation, crisis response, advocacy and groups are free of charge.
            Counseling services may be reimbursed by:

  1.       Self pay Medicaid

  2.       Commercial insurance

  3.       Crime Victim's Compensation

  4.       Harborview Charity Care [if approved].

  5.       Contracts

            Appointments can be made between 8 am and 6 pm weekdays. In case specific circumstances appointments can be             made outside these hours.

            Some behavior management services may be offered in the home. This is decided case by case with the provider.

Brochures downloads:

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Physical exams and evidence collection after sexual assault and for issues of child abuse are available through the Harborview Emergency Department or by appointment in the HCSATS clinic, 401 Broadway, Suite 2075 in Seattle.

The purposes of the exam for sexual assault or abuse are to:

  •       Document the history
  •       Examine for injuries, both acute and, for children, healed injuries
  •       Document the findings and photograph when needed
  •       Provide testing for sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy
  •       Treat, when appropriate, to reduce the chances of sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy
  •       Communicate with law enforcement and, for children, child protection professionals

Exams for children and younger teens are done by physicians and nurse practitioners.
The SANE (sexual assault nurse examiner) program is a team of specially trained nurses who provide emergency exams and evidence collection for adults and teens.

For concerns of child physical abuse or neglect we can provide clinic based non-emergency evaluations:

  •       Review the history and written records.
  •       Examine for injuries, both acute and healed, and photograph findings.
  •       Order x-rays and lab tests, as needed.
  •       Communicate with law enforcement and child protection professionals.

Referrals are accepted from medical professionals, child protective services, and law enforcement.

Staff will assist in applications to Crime Victims Compensation, insurance, and sliding scale fees.

To learn more about HCSATS medical services, call (206) 744-1600 or download our brochure:

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Foster Care Assessment Program

FCAP is a statewide contracted program available to children in all three DSHS regions. The purpose of FCAP is to provide a comprehensive assessment of a child's level of functioning in the home, school and community and to assist with the service planning and implementation. The goals are to improve the child's health and well being, and help DCFS accomplish permanency.

The Foster Care Assessment Program is operated under a contract with the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), Children’s Administration to serve children and youth.

This program is administered by Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress (HCSATS) in collaboration with community and hospital partners statewide.

For more information about FCAP, contact the State Coordinator 206-744-1600, or visit the FCAP web site:

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