Examination of Vaginal Wet Preps
Developed by the Seattle STD/HIV Prevention Training Center, this video provides basic instruction on preparing and examining vaginal wet preps. Filmed on location at laboratories and clinics at the University of Washington, the video includes through-the-microscope footage of trichomonads, yeast, and clue cells associated with BV, allowing the viewer to quickly learn essential differentiation skills. The straight-forward approach, clear visuals, and comprehensive coverage of determining the presence of infection make it an essential resource for all STD labs.

Produced 2000. 15 minutes. VHS and DVD.
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Price: $90


The Physical Examination of the Female Patient for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The Physical Examination of the Male Patient for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Two separate videos, each is divided into two parts. Part one demonstrates the physical examination technique in a step-by-step manner; part two addresses the clinician/patient interaction. Both manual dexterity and effective communication skills that are required for a complete physical examination for STDs are demonstrated throughout. These programs are an ideal training tool for updating clinicians currently working with STD patients, as well as for orienting new staff.

Produced 1992. 25 minutes each. VHS.

Female exam VHS: $30
Male exam VHS: $30
Female and Male exams on one DVD: $60


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