Seminars in Hearing and Communications Sciences (SHACS) is a lecture series designed to engage the multi-disciplinary hearing and balance, speech and language science community at the UW. A joint venture between the Department of Speech and Hearing and the Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center, SHACS provides rich continuing education experiences for students at all levels as well as faculty during the fall, winter, and spring quarters. Lectures are generally held on Friday afternoons at least twice a month, though there are periods with more frequent lectures, some of which fall outside of the regularly scheduled time. Speakers may be recruited from universities across the country, internationally, or from our own UW campus.

When we host a lecturer from outside the university, we often schedule additional events as opportunities to professionally connect with the speaker. These may include one-on-one meetings, catered lunches with graduate students and postdocs on campus, and faculty networking dinners.

More information on this seminar series can be found at the links below.

Basic listings of date, time, speaker and location:

Summaries of lectures happening in the near future:

An annual schedule that lists details including lecture date, time and location; speaker name, professional affiliation and their role within it; and the lecture titles as they become available:

We also provide regular upcoming lecture schedule info with bios of the speakers and talk abstracts on an announcement-only e-mail list. Non-SHACS lectures on topics of related interest are sometimes promoted on this list as well.
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