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Research Training Program

Program Description:

The Hematology Research Training Program at the University of Washington provides intensive research training for M.D.s and postdoctoral Ph.D.s. The overall goal of the program is to prepare trainees for independent careers in medical research and education. The training may encompass several fields, reflecting the inter-disciplinary nature of our faculty, including clinical studies, physiology, cell biology, molecular biology, genomics, gene therapy, and stem cells. Training grant funding is available to provide salary support to trainees for a limited period of time.

Important characteristics of the training program include: the breadth of cell and molecular biology research available; the quality and expertise of the training faculty; the emphasis on a rigorous scientific approach to research questions; guidance and success in obtaining further, independent funding for trainees; and a track record of over four decades in placing graduates of the program in academic positions. The trainee's participation in a research project is complemented by additional educational activities, including instruction in the use of research animals and safe laboratory practices; opportunities for formal course work in the University's graduate programs; instruction in scientific writing and grant applications; and participation and presentations at journal clubs, research group meetings, and seminar series. Trainees are encouraged to attend the many outstanding seminars presented at different campus sites, which include the University of Washington Medical Center, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, BloodWorks NW, Harborview Medical Center, and the Seattle Veterans' Affairs Medical Center.

There continues to be a need for trained scientists in the field of hematology, as this discipline is at the forefront of modern medicine. Recent advances in stem cell biology, gene therapy, and transplantation are having major impacts on the practice of medicine, and many of these advances have come from the field of hematology. Graduates of the Hematology Research Training Program will be well-prepared to establish themselves as independent investigators in modern medical research.

If you are a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident and interested in the research training program, complete an application form and send it as an attachment to hemeweb@u.washington.edu, with a copy of your CV. If you need any more information, please contact Dr. Janis Abkowitz (206-685-7877; janabk@u.washington.edu). The University of Washington is an equal opportunity employer, and women and minority group candidates are encouraged to apply. The Division of Hematology is particularly interested in recruiting minority applicants and persons with disabilities interested in biomedical research.

Post-doctoral positions are available immediately for research on gene therapy and stem cells. For more information, please click here