Counseling the Patient with Chronic Hepatitis B Infection

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B In many cases, people born outside the U.S get the infection from their mothers during childbirth or from infected household contacts as children. A person can also become infected with the hepatitis B virus when exposed to contaminated blood, having unprotected sex with an infected person, or through injection drug use.

This answer is correct, but there is a better answer. It is important for her to understand how this virus is transmitted, both to help her understand how she may have become infected and how to reduce further transmission to others.

A Most individuals who have chronic hepatitis B experience no symptoms.
C Hepatitis B vaccines do not offer protection to people who are already infected with hepatitis B virus.
D The woman’s fiancé should undergo testing for hepatitis B status. He should receive the hepatitis B vaccination if he does not have immunity to hepatitis B.
E All of the answers listed are correct.


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