Hepatitis A Vaccination

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D Hepatitis A vaccination is recommended only if the patient is expected to travel to a rural region with poor hygienic conditions.

This answer is incorrect. Persons from developed countries who travel to developing countries are at high risk for acquiring hepatitis A during their travel. The risk for hepatitis A exists even for travelers to urban areas, those who stay in luxury hotels, and those who report that they have good hygiene and are careful about what they drink and eat. All susceptible persons traveling to or working in countries that have intermediate or high rates of hepatitis A should receive hepatitis A vaccine or immune globulin before traveling.

A Prevaccination testing for anti-HAV antibodies should be considered given her age and history of residence in an endemic region.
B All persons employed in child care centers should be vaccinated for hepatitis A.
C All susceptible travelers who plan to depart for an area endemic for hepatitis A in less than 2 weeks should receive immune globulin as well as hepatitis A vaccine.

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