Interpretation of Isolated Hepatitis B Core Antibody

You answered:

A A finding of isolated anti-HBc may represent either acute or past infection with hepatitis B.

This answer is correct. Isolated anti-HBc is defined as the presence of anti-HBc in the absence of detectable HBsAg and anti-HBs. Isolated total anti-HBc may result from a false-positive result, acute HBV infection, or past HBV infection. A patient recently infected with HBV may develop isolated anti-HBs during the window period of acute infection when HBsAg has resolved prior to development of anti-HBs. With acute infection, anti-HBc primarily consists of IgM. Thus, the presence of IgM anti-HBc is the hallmark of acute HBV infection. Patients with remote infection most often have isolated anti-HBc in the scenario when anti-HBs levels gradually decline to an undetectable level, leaving detectable anti-HBc as the only evidence of previous infection.

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