Monitoring and Management of Patients on Therapy for Chronic Hepatitis B

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B After starting therapy, the patient should have his ALT and HBV DNA level next measured at the end of 1 year of therapy.

This answer is incorrect. According to AASLD guidelines, all patients on therapy for HBV should have a liver panel measured every 3 months and HBV DNA levels quantified every 3 to 6 months. The frequency of HBV DNA monitoring is to assure an initial response to therapy and that any antiviral resistance is picked up early.

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A For HBeAg-positive patients, monitoring for HBeAg seroconversion should occur only after the patient has achieved HBsAg seroconversion.
C As soon as the patient obtains an undetectable HBV DNA level, it is advisable for him to stop therapy.
D If the patient’s HBV DNA level declines by 1 log10 after 6 months of therapy, the response is termed a primary non-response.

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