Vaccination for Hepatitis B in Adults

You answered:

B Send serologic studies for hepatitis B and defer on vaccination.

This answer is incorrect. Although this is a valid approach, the recommended course of action in this client is to begin vaccination at today’s visit. If serologic studies are sent, the first dose of vaccine should be administered on the same day, unless one can ensure that the patient will return for serologic test results and that vaccination can be initiated at that time if indicated. Even a single dose of hepatitis B vaccine provides some level of protection against future infection in susceptible persons. Failing to administer vaccine before serologic results are known is a missed opportunity in clients who may not return for subsequent care and are at risk of acquiring hepatitis B in the interim.

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A Give the first hepatitis B vaccination dose at today’s visit with recommendations for additional doses at 1 and 6 months.
C Do not offer vaccines since there is no role for hepatitis B vaccination in this client.
D Administer vaccine for both hepatitis A and hepatitis B.

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