Pretreatment Considerations for Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection

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A Before starting therapy, it is essential to update the patient's liver fibrosis status by performing a noninvasive test for liver fibrosis, such as transient elastography.

This answer is incorrect. This patient already has a degree of liver fibrosis sufficient to justify treatment of his HCV. This decision would not be further informed by additional noninvasive testing. Although errors can occur when estimating the stage of disease by liver biopsy, this approach usually results in an underestimate of the degree of fibrosis. Although the role of noninvasive testing of liver fibrosis is still being determined, and will likely increase in the future, the results from noninvasive tests would not contribute meaningfully to the decision to treat this patient for HCV.

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B The patient's baseline HCV RNA level is the best predictor of treatment response.
C The degree of hepatic fibrosis correlates with treatment response.
C Monitoring serum aminotransferase levels plays a critical role in determining disease progression.

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