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The Who is Who

The Human Factors and Statistical Modeling Lab currently has six lab members. We represent three continents, with three students from China, one from Germany and two from the United States. Our research reaches from "Transportation" to the "Application of Systems Engineering approaches to Healthcare".

Lab Director
Linda Ng Boyle
Linda Ng Boyle
Professor in Civil Engineering / Industrial and Systems Engineering
Current Students
Chun-Cheng Chang
Chun-Cheng Chang
Doctoral Cadidate in Industrial and Systems Engineering
Erika Miller
Erika Miller
Doctoral Student in Civil and Environmental Engineering
Yuqing Wu
Yuqing Wu
Doctoral Candidate in Industrial and Systems Engineering
HFSM Alums
Doctoral Students
  • John Hill (2006) - Assistant Professor - Michigan Tech University
  • Birsen Donmez (2007) - Assistant Professor - University of Toronto
  • Yi-Ching Lee (2005) - Researcher - Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania
  • Shan Bao (2009) - Research Scientist - University of Michigan Transportation Institute
  • David Neyens (2010) - Assistant Professor - Clemson University
  • Kelly Pitera (2012) - Lecturer - Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Huimin Xiong (2013) - Research Fellow - University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute
  • Yiyun Peng (2014) - Data Scientist - Expedia
Undergradute Students
  • Sean Xuan (2013) - Master of Engineering Management Student - Dartmouth College
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