Residence Education


Photo of 5 DAWGS Crew volunteers standing with move-in carts in front of Elm Hall.

Five DAWGS Crew volunteers standing with move-in carts behind Elm Hall.


COVID-19 will certainly impact residential move-in for the 2020-21 academic year.  We continue to evolve our move-in process to ensure that it meets all guidelines set forth by the University and Washington State public health agency guidelines. Because of this, the DAWGS Crew position may look different than it has in past years.  Move-in will be extended over 4 days (Tuesday, September 21 – Friday, September 24) to allow for less residents on campus at a time. There are also additional responsibilities that may be included in the DAWGS Crew volunteer role, as well as some from the past that we will be discontinuing or managing in other ways. Some ways DAWGS Crew volunteers may be asked to assist, but are not limited to:

  • Delivering packages to resident rooms ahead of move-in days
  • Loading and unloading cars, carts, and belongings
  • Providing directions to students and their families in community lobbies and main areas
  • Providing directions to families parking cars in load/unload zones
  • Directing cars in parking lots to residential buildings
  • Sanitizing move in carts in between uses
  • Retrieving carts from throughout the building
  • Pushing carts from residents’ cars to their room
  • Monitoring elevator usage to encourage families to comply with safety guidelines
  • Answering basic questions and make referrals for higher level questions regarding HFS

Our hope is to be as flexible as possible with our volunteers as we continue move-in planning as our volunteers are vital to a successful move in process.

What’s DAWGS Crew?

DAWGS Crew is a team of 500+ student volunteers composed of returning residents that help new residents move into our residential communities and welcome new Huskies to the University of Washington!  It’s a great way to get involved, meet new people, contribute to a new Husky’s experience, and join the excitement of move-in day!  DAWGS Crew is a critical part of the residential move-in and opening experience for new students and families.

Volunteers will likely be asked to work for approximately 12 hours over the 4 move-in days, and are provided training to ensure their success.  See list of responsibilities above.  DAWGS Crew volunteers will get to move in early (free of charge, on September 19), and receive a pre-loaded dining card with $20.00 as a thank you for volunteering.  Students who volunteer for package crew (capped at 60 volunteers), will get to move in on Thursday, September 16 (free of charge), and receive a pre-loaded dining card with $40.00.

Who leads DAWGS Crew?

DAWGS Crew is led by a compensated student staff position in HFS who coordinates the entire DAWGs Crew program, from recruitment and scheduling to making door decorations for our volunteers!  The DAWGS Crew Director for Summer 2021 is Graham Bloom and he’ll be busy recruiting and preparing to create a great experience for our DAWGS Crew!  They work with all of the Volunteers and HFS staff to help facilitate the whole process.  They’ll work with you during training and will be moving through campus assisting with any issues that arise with the DAWGs Crew teams throughout the Move-In days. The DAWGs Crew Supervisors are Alexa Forster, the Specialist for Leadership & Programming and Kira Newman, the Specialist for Educational Partnerships & Programs. You’ll hear from them and the DAWGs Crew Director often throughout the summer.