Residence Education


What can I do to better my chances in being selected?

The Resident Adviser (RA) selection process is very competitive. Candidates are strongly encouraged to take every step of the selection process seriously. Consider taking your application questions to a writing center and reviewing the Career Center’s webpage for interviewing tips.

I’ve never lived on campus. Can I still apply?

Living on campus is not a requirement for the RA position. Individuals living on campus may have greater insight into the role of the RA and the dynamics of a residence hall community; however, every year we hire exceptional candidates who have not lived on campus.

I’ve heard that there is an RA class. Is it optional?

During spring quarter, all of the RA candidates are required to take the RA class (EDLPS 496). Although the class does not need to be taken for credit, participation in the RA class is not optional. Information regarding registering for the class will be given to candidates as they proceed through the selection process.

I want to be an RA in an apartment. Can I apply for a position in just Cedar Apartments, Mercer Court, Nordheim Court or Stevens Court?

You are welcome to specify on your RA application that you want to be considered for apartment communities.

Can I apply to be an RA in a specific residence hall?

Candidates cannot apply for RA jobs in specific communities. We do not hire RAs for specific buildings; rather, we hire RAs to meet the needs of all of our residential communities.

Can I be hired for this year? What about applying for summer positions?

Occasionally RA positions open up during the year. If you are interested in a midyear position, make sure to indicate your interest on your application. As for positions during the summer, there is a separate application for summer positions that will be available during spring quarter.

Do I have to be involved in my Hall Council or other clubs in order to be selected?

Involvement in clubs and organizations is not a prerequisite for the RA position. Being involved in the residential community can provide candidates with insight into the role of the RA and the dynamics of a residential community. Additionally, student-leadership experience can provide candidates with insight into planning events, managing time and working within a team, all of which are important aspects of being an RA.

When and how will I know about my status in the process?

All candidates will be contacted via email throughout the process regarding their status. All correspondence regarding the application process will come from the Specialist for Training & Selection via the email address: TBD or  Ensure that your spam filters allow for messages from this address.  Questions regarding the process or your status should be directed to

What will happen to my financial aid package if I become an RA?

This is specific to each individual and questions related to this should be directed to the Financial Aid office in Schmitz Hall. Resident Advisers receive compensation in the form of room and board (including a UW Dining plan), which can greatly reduce the cost of living and attending the University of Washington.

Can I work in a community that is open over winter break?

The RA contract actually requires availability to work over winter break, although all RA’s don’t end up actually working over break periods. Duty coverage over winter break periods is managed in September and October to allow people to make appropriate travel plans.

Can I apply to be an RA if I am an international student?

Absolutely! It is our goal to hire a diverse RA staff, representative of a diverse residential community. Creating welcoming and inclusive communities is core to the RA position and that begins with hiring a diverse staff.

What characteristics are you looking for in RA candidates?

We are absolutely not looking for one particular type of student to fill our RA positions. Effective teams require diverse perspectives, experience and skills.

Can I apply if I have been involved in a violation of HFS policies?

We believe firmly that it is possible to learn from our mistakes; in fact sometimes our best learning can come from a mistake. We do check candidate’s conduct history throughout the process, and every case is reviewed individually. Every year we hire some candidates that have been involved in violations of HFS policies previously, and every year some candidates are screened out of the process as a result of their conduct history. Feel free to contact the Specialist for Training & Selection at  if you would like to discuss the impact of your particular situation.

My question wasn’t addressed here, who do I contact with further questions?

Please contact the Selection Committee via the email address: if you have unanswered questions.