Residence Education

May 20, 2019

Sustainable Succulents

Hey Alder!

At Sustainable Succulents, we got to plant our own succulents using Cedar Grove Compost. Did you know that Cedar Grove processes all of UW’s compost? Did you know that all to-go ware on campus is compostable (even plastic looking materials)?

Check out the below for more information about composting on campus. Also be sure to check out tips for how to take care of your succulent!

As shown above, 75% of material found in residential communities last year was compostable or recyclable, meaning 75% of garbage could have been diverted from landfills! So, it is really important to compost and to also know what to compost.

For a great on-campus resource, reach out to SEED (Students Expressing Environmental Dedication) at this link: