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Residence Education

April 12, 2019

Go for the Goal’d!

Hey Elm!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the Go for the Goal’d program this week. During the  program we talked about SMART goals and how setting them can help you manage your time and motivate you to handle your responsibilities! Here are some resources to help you set and reach your goals 🙂.

Goal Setting Worksheet | SMART Goals

We also decorated our own mugs and you can make your own too! All you need is a ceramic mug (preferably white or a light color so the design can be easily seen) and oil-based Sharpies which you can get from a craft store or online! Once you use the Sharpies to design your mug with an inspirational phrase or goal, follow these instructions to bake it:

Mug Instructions

For info on upcoming REP events, check out our calendar. Happy goal-setting and mug-making!


Your REP, Catherine