Residence Education

April 16, 2019

Spring Into Good Habits!

Hey Everyone,

I hope Spring Quarter started out great!

Our first REP program “Spring Into Good Habits” passed last week but if you couldn’t make it, don’t fret. We have all the information you need, right here.

It takes just over 21 Days to form a habit and just over 66 days to maintain it. We encourage everyone to begin thinking about how Summer can be a great and productive time.

Some great ways to maintain a Summer Goal is to keep track of it through the following ways:

  1. Color Code your schedule! Keeping track of what’s important to you by color-coding your schedule will help you stay on track with what matters the most personally as well as allow you to distinguish work, personal, and fun time.
  2. Make a vision board! Having a physical representation of your goal is always a great way to keep yourself on track. Hang this board somewhere you have to pass everyday so you remember to keep working at your personal goal!
  3. Use habit tracking apps! Apps like Habitica, StickK, Trello, or ToDoList help to keep track of daily tasks and can keep you on schedule.


We hope these help with YOUR summer goals!

Feel free to reach out to your REP at

Have a great week and see you at the next one 🙂