Residence Education

May 28, 2019

Take What You Need

Hey McMahon Residents,

If you missed the Take What You Need program, no worries we’ve got all of the resource for you below! We made diy self-care boxes with face masks, slime, acupressure rings, coloring pages, and tea. These items can be found at amazon or at the grocery store. Feel free to make your own self-care box with things that help you de-stress as well as items that comfort you and remind you that you’re valued!¬†At the program, we really focused on mental health resources available to students. Many of the resources are located conveniently on campus and are free or low-cost.

We also had residents think about one thing they could do to improve their mental health and write down a resource they would feel comfortable using.

Lastly, all residents received the following handout with tips about being proactive about mental health.

Remember to take care of yourselves and make mental health a priority! Thanks for a great year of REP programs and have a great summer.