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Reusable Containers

SEED’s reusable containers program is a collaboration with HFS Dining and the UW Campus Sustainability Fund. This initiative was started in the fall of 2018 after it was brought up by one of our general council members. Although dining halls on campus serve meals in compostable containers, this still requires energy and generates waste, especially considering around half of what goes into trash is actually compostable. After numerous discussions and planning sessions, the project was started after receiving a $40,000 grant from CSF. The current system works by the participants giving dining staff a token, which is exchanged for a reusable plastic container. The students then get their food and, after eating and rinsing out their container, can return the container to a machine where they will receive another token. A pilot program of around 220 students began autumn quarter 2019 in Local Point, where we will be soliciting feedback from students and staff on how to improve the system, with hopes to expand to further locations on campus in the future.

Waste-Sorting Initiatives

SEED is working hard to ensure that as much waste is diverted from landfills as possible, empowering students to make a difference. We have a program that works to get small compost bins out to residents living on-campus to make waste sorting easier. SEED was able to have HFS provide trash and recycling bins to more students living in apartments as well. In the past, SEED has stationed members by waste receptacles, informing students on where they should dispose of their food, paper, and other materials after they are done eating. To make this information more accessible, we developed an activity that allows students to try to sort waste properly in the form of an interactive game.