Consulting Nurse Service

Have a health question or concern?

During business hours, try a Consulting Nurse first


Hall Health Central (across from the HUB)

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday – 8am to 5pm Tuesday – 9am to 5pm Closed Saturday, Sunday and UW Holidays

Hall Health West (Alder Commons)

Tuesday and Thursday – 10am to 2pm Closed Saturday, Sunday, Summer Quarter, breaks and UW Holidays


  • Currently enrolled UW students are eligible for the Consulting Nurse service on the phone or in person.
  • Established non-student patients are eligible for the over-the-phone Consulting Nurse service.
  • No charges for currently enrolled UW students, either on the phone or in person.
  • No charges for phone consultation for established non-student patients.
Urgent and After Hours Care
For Urgent Care: Read on For After Hours Care: Call the 24-hour Community Care Line nurse consult service at (206) 744-2500
When will I receive a call back from the Consulting Nurse?
It is our goal to respond to all calls within 60 minutes.

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